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Basic rules apply to claims are United Paper Stock Standards in terms of material content, out throw, prohibitives for any paper stock supplied irrespective of the country of origin.

1. United Paper Stock Standards Export Transactions Article II (8). III (1). III (2) and III (3) will be applicable to any claims.

2. In the event of any claim the buyer to provide detailed pictures of the material with container numbers shown in order to prove the ownership of the material.

3. No debits and credits or adjustment shall be made on any shipment of paper stock when the weight variation is 2% or less. In the event that a weight discrepancy exceeds more than 2% the buyer to provide a certified weigh bridge docket (Scale Ticket) with container numbers appearing on the document. Photographic evidence may also be required with containers nos. showing and weighing process.

4. Moisture contents allowed in any paper stock irrespective of the country of origin is 12%. In case of a moisture claim, photo graphic evidence required with container numbers clearly visible and the reading of the moisture meter rod fully inserted inside the bale. A minimum of 20 readings of moisture meter with photographic evidence required. The average of the moisture readings exceeds 12% the following formula will be applied to calculate the claim. Average (Moisture reading – 12%) x Sale Price.

5. In the event of excess outthrows or prohibitive, results of random bale analysis required. Detailed pictures showing weight readings of the out throws and the papers stock need to be presented for claim settlement. In any case. Guideline 1 is applicable in this case as well.

6. In the event of a claim, it requires to be notified within 21 days of arrival of the shipment at discharge port.

7. It is the buyer’s responsibility that they should protect the controversial paper stock for external deterioration or contamination. No claim will be entertained if deterioration is found after the arrival of the goods at buyer’s premises.

8. The buyers to protect the controversial stock entirely unused until the claim is being finalised and agreed by both parties. No claim will be honoured if the buyer has used any portion of the controversial stock other than for laboratory testing. The above are a guideline only, however the buyer to provide all the relevant information of the claim in good faith to the seller.

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